API Pen Testing & Audit

Black Box, Grey Box, and White Box Pen Tests

Black box and grey box penetration tests assume the tester has only limited knowledge about the target system.

White Box Penetration Testing

White box testing is also known as structure, open box, clear box, and glass box testing. The white box pen test is a comprehensive testing methodology, as one gets a whole range of information about schema, source code, models and so on before starting the testing. White box tests intended to scrutinize the code and catch any design and development errors. It is a simulation of an internal security attack.

The API pen tests rely on white box testing because

  • The tests run on all independent paths of a module.
  • The tests confirm and verify that all logical decisions (true/false) inside the code.
  • The tests execute syntax checking and typographical errors which are critical to finding code injections and SQL injections attack.
  • The tests find the design errors caused by a mismatch of the logical flow of the program and the actual execution. (Design for intent)

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