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Audit Process

We have acknowledged that the security of your product is always a priority, the faster we do our best to discover the holes in your products, the faster we can prevent your loss. As a result, the following steps will help us save your minutes.

  • 1

    Define the scope of an audit

    You will define your targets and the scope of work. Moreover, we will help you in finding the best objects that need to be tested.

  • 2

    Security Testing Plans

    Once the scopes have been defined, we will prepare a Security Testing Plan that corresponds to your objectives and needs.

  • 3

    Signing Contracts

    If you do agree with the Security Testing Plans and Price, a contract will be prepared and signed in original by Kubertu LTD and your vicegerent

  • 4


    Written reports should be submitted as a deliverable of the project. The reports should include, at a minimum, the scope of the work, methodology/approach, executive summary, details of identified vulnerabilities (observation), risk rating, risk rating and specific practical recommendations for remediation.