Cyber security solutions are technological tools and services that help protect organizations against cyber attacks, which can result in application downtime, theft of sensitive data, damage to reputation, compliance fines, and other adverse consequences.

In the modern security environment, with a wide variety of ever-changing threats, tools are an essential part of cybersecurity. We’ll review several broad categories of cyber security solutions:

  • - Application security solutions—help test software applications for vulnerabilities during development and testing stages, and protect them against attacks when running in production.
  • - Endpoint security—deployed on endpoint devices like servers and employee workstations, prevent threats like malware and unauthorized access and help detect and stop breaches as they happen.
  • - Network security—monitor network traffic, identify potentially malicious traffic, and enable the organization to block, filter, or otherwise mitigate threats.
  • - Internet of things (IoT) security—help gain visibility and apply security controls to the growing network of IoT devices, which are increasingly used for mission-critical applications and store sensitive data, yet are often unsecured by design.
  • - Cloud security—help gain control over complex public, private, and hybrid cloud environments, by detecting security misconfigurations and vulnerabilities, and helping to remediate them.

Kubertu Application Security Solutions

Kubertu provides comprehensive protection for applications, APIs, and microservices:

  • Web Application Firewall – Prevent attacks with world-class analysis of web traffic to your applications.
  • Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) – Real-time attack detection and prevention from your application runtime environment goes wherever your applications go. Stop external attacks and injections and reduce your vulnerability backlog.
  • API Security – Automated API protection ensures your API endpoints are protected as they are published, shielding your applications from exploitation.
  • Advanced Bot Protection – Prevent business logic attacks from all access points – websites, mobile apps and APIs. Gain seamless visibility and control over bot traffic to stop online fraud through account takeover or competitive price scraping.
  • DDoS Protection – Block attack traffic at the edge to ensure business continuity with guaranteed uptime and no performance impact. Secure your on premises or cloud-based assets – whether you’re hosted in AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Public Cloud.
  • Attack Analytics – Ensures complete visibility with machine learning and domain expertise across the application security stack to reveal patterns in the noise and detect application attacks, enabling you to isolate and prevent attack campaigns.
  • Client-Side Protection – Gain visibility and control over third-party JavaScript code to reduce the risk of supply chain fraud, prevent data breaches, and client-side attacks.

Kubertu Data Security Solutions

Kubertu protects all cloud-based data stores to ensure compliance and preserve the agility and cost benefits you get from your cloud investments:

  • Cloud Data Security – Simplify securing your cloud databases to catch up and keep up with DevOps. Kubertu’s solution enables cloud-managed services users to rapidly gain visibility and control of cloud data.
  • Database Security – Kubertu delivers analytics, protection and response across your data assets, on-premise and in the cloud – giving you the risk visibility to prevent data breaches and avoid compliance incidents. Integrate with any database to gain instant visibility, implement universal policies, and speed time to value.
  • Data Risk Analysis – Automate the detection of non-compliant, risky, or malicious data access behavior across all of your databases enterprise-wide to accelerate remediation.

The Expertise of the Kubertu's Engineers

At KUBERTU Ltd, we pride ourselves on being a boutique firm with a seasoned team of professionals. Each of our engineers holds prestigious certifications such as Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP), Offensive Security Web Expert (OSWE), Amazon Web Services (AWS), and ISO 27001. Their caliber is exemplified by our achievement of placing among the top 5 in the renowned Hacking event at Defcon USA 2019.

Our Security Solutions

Kubertu offers a range of security solutions to meet your needs

Enterprise Security Governance

We follow the following frameworks:

  • Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies (COBIT) – provides best practices to help align business requirements with technology.

  • Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) – outlines best practices to help enterprises align business requirements with IT services.

  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 27001– defines requirements for implementing information security management.

  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) – provides several cybersecurity frameworks
Application security solutions

Application security processes and tools help organizations discover, fix, and continuously remediate application security threats. To be truly effective, application security should be applied at all levels—including software and hardware.

Network security

Here are major categories of network security tools:

  • Network access control—enables organizations to control and restrict access to the network. Notable features include denying network access to non-compliant devices, placing devices in quarantined areas, and restricting access to resources.

  • Network segmentation—enables organizations to control traffic flow. You can, for example, use network segmentation to stop all traffic in one network area from reaching another, and limit the flow of traffic according to source, type, and destination.

  • Network-Based IDS (NIDS)—solutions designed to monitor an entire network. NIDS tools provide visibility into all traffic that flows through the network. The tool can make determinations according to packet metadata and contents and can detect threats. However, NIDS tools do not provide endpoint-level visibility.

  • Next-generation firewalls (NGFW)—designed to secure the connections between the network, firewall, and the Internet. NGFW solutions typically use static and dynamic packet filtering, VPN support, whitelists, and signature-based IPS when enforcing security.
Cloud security

Assess, stress test, and build your ability to detect, prevent, and defeat attacks - while meeting your business performance needs. Kubertu implements robust methodologies and expertise to support you in aligning your security with emerging threats, cutting through complexity, optimizing resource allocation, and managing risk.

Leverage an attacker's perspective, technical testing, and strategic simulations to improve security and build crisis management capabilities. Kubertu works with you to test capabilities against real-life threats, uncover vulnerabilities before adversaries can exploit them, and build a valuable learning experience responding to attacks.

Investigate, contain, and defeat attacks within your network while minimizing impact and enabling effective recovery. Kubertu forensics and incident response capabilities are designed to effectively counter the full spectrum of attacks, resolve incidents, and support risk management and business recovery.

Multiply the power of your cyber operations team. Kubertu’s managed XDR is a high-end, system-agnostic and 24/7 fully managed security operations service that includes monitoring, threat detection, forensic analysis, accelerated investigation, and a rapid transition to incident response when an attack is detected